Past(a) Genovese

Genova is located in the north of Italy on the west coast, also called Genoa in German. I studied there for half a year in 2017 and lived with three Italians. I've been asked a few times what it was like in Africa !? Genova therefore leads to less confusion. I loved roaming the streets and discovering new statues and gardens!

The large fountain in Piazza Ferrari was and is often our meeting point for shopping, eating or drinking. All the small streets are scattered around it. The best focaccias with Pesto Genovese (of course!) can be found in La Superba (longest open at night) . The police often comes to this restaurant, not because of fights, but to get a (midnight) snack.

The cheap aperitivi are particularly popular for students or travelers with little money. Order a cocktail and for 2 euros more you can help yourself from a buffet or get three starters delivered to the table.

Can I speak italian fluently? It´s okay. When I moved in with the Italians, I learned the language quickly because they couldn't speak English. Angelica was super warmly, although we often had no idea what the other person was talking about. I am currently learning Portuguese, so I often have a mix of both languages ​​in my head and talk pitalian.

I often listen to Italian radio so that I don't forget all the vocabulary. It's also great for learning a language.

Fishing village Nervi

If my Italian teacher Guiseppe is reading this, many thanks for telling me about Nervi . The small fishing village, a suburb of Genova, talkes a place in my hear forever. For 1,50 Euro (100-minute ticket) you can reach from Genova Nervi by train or bus within 10 minutes.

I love to go for a walk on the promenade "Passeggiata Anita Garibalda" and get me a homemade ice cream at Flavios Gelateria at the end of the way. Also perfect for jogging!


Swimming in the sea, sit on the stones or at Blue Marlin and do a few tasks for university. Studying could have been worse, even though I hadn't understood much in Italian in the lecture. Courses should also take place in English, but when I was there, there was a spontaneous change of plans. They all dropped out, but it made me learn the language faster. During many lectures there was a 5-minute break in between, while my fellow students got an espresso or met the lecturer on the balcony to smoke. Conveniently, this is located next to each lecture hall.

At many lectures there was a 5-minute break in between, during which time my fellow students got an espresso or met the lecturer on the balcony to smoke. Conveniently, this is located next to each lecture hall.

I haven't understood the room numbering yet, but all the students have always been helpful. They went with me by feet to the seventh floor, after I went up and down the corridors confused.

 I could choose between Genoa and Florence. Florence is great, no question about it. But for living I chose the less crowded port city of Genoa. I would make the decision again and would recommend everyone to live there for a few months. The extra pul the sea is just around the corner!
Do you want to go there soon? Let me know!
PS: The film “Genova” by Michael Winterbottom gives a little foretaste of the Italian summer in Genova/Genua!


On the Via Settembre there are boutiques and small cafés, including the Bialetti shop with traditional espresso pots.

Don´t mix up Biglietti = ticket with Bialetti. But well, maybe the train controller will turning s a blind eye when he thinks you're going to invite him for an espresso.

Afraid to miss your flight?

It brings luck if you stroke the walled dog of the Church of San Lorenzo . Afterwards I found 10 euros on the way home, no kidding!

Tip: It´s a very small figure and is located at the foot of a column next to one of the entrance doors.

Secret Garden

There are many bars and restaurants all around the Piazza delle Erbe. If you go a bit up the hill, you will find the Bar Giardini Luzzati with affordable prices and live concerts. On the roof there is a soccer field and a green terrace with a special sun lounger.

Next door you can see children playing in the playground in the evening while the parents unpack sandwiches and wine. True Dolce Vita!

The more I write, the stronger I want to go back. "Genova, torno rapidomente" (Genoa, I'll be back soon)!

"Tranquilo", my Italian roommate Angelica would say and pour me the third espresso. Tranquilo means something like keep calm, chill.

8. Genova´s Malkovich

Genova's secret bars


A normal hamburgeria or not?

If you say the (weekly changing) password at the counter, you will be led around the corner to a bookshelf, behind which, like Harry Potter, hides a secret passage. When the wall turns, some burger fall out of the hand from normal guest. Follow the waitress down to the basement until you hear music from the 1920s. Tall people should better pull their heads down. Take a seat in one of the antique armchairs and enjoy the atmosphere.

The cocktails start from € 8. Dracula was a regular guest in this stylish cave. So it says the legend, or at least my date, which brought me here.

On the page of Malkovich you can find out the quiz question, the answer is your access password. Just like the name of the bar, questions are asked about old films and Hollywood classics. Sometimes you have to do some research to find out an actor's birthday or the real name. But with the new knowledge you can impress at the next party or at the nex round of Trivial Pursuit.

The best films John Malkovich took part in:

  1. Being John Malkovich
  2. Changeling
  3. The Man in the Iron Mask
... there are 6 other secret bars in Genova. I've already discovered three, do you have a tip where the others are??


Off to your own crypt

I hope you read this section before you went to Malkovich. At Airbnb there are many apartments with colorfully planted roof terraces. Otherwise I can recommend the hostel Victoria House !

What did I learn in this hostel? Apparently you can turn any apartment in Italy into a hostel. My plan B. Small but nice, especially the balcony! New friendships guaranteed.

All good thinks must come to an End

The last day in Genova with my 3 best friends and tattoo girl @nefset.


Kaffee, Wein, Eis?

Was verbindest du mit Italien?

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