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SeayouSoon . I like Sabines authentic way to write and it´s always good to read her tips and tricks around the surfing lifestyle! She lived in Bielefeld too, who would have thought that !?

Getwetsoon. Interesting stories about surfing and yoga. Thomas designed a cool poster . There you can see the swell probability for each month and surf spot. No more being in the right place at the wrong time 😉 Caution, intensifies the wanderlust!

Kookbitches. The article: “24 things I've learned in 42 years” makes me always smile. It's a long way to go...

Surfgirlsclub. A Swiss surfer girl looking for the perfect wave!

Livelikeitstheweekend. My vacation inspiration for trips outside of Europe + cool online shop!

Atlasobscura. The name says everything. Bizarre things around the globe.

Indianajo . Interesting articles with the title "Things not to do in" and what you can experience instead away from the tourist streets.

Gizemakyil. Last but not least, dear Gizem. We met at the surf camp Chill In (Portugal)
and had a lot of Pasteis de Nata together and a great time!

Book- & Boardstores

Magicquiver is more then an onine shop!

The small shop in the middle of Ericeira (Portugal) is cute furnished and you can browse surf books from all over the world. The associated lodge is also decorated in a cool surfer style. After your surf session you can drink smoothies in their own café. Magicquiver offers everything a surfer's heart desires. If you have already spent a lot of money on vacation but still want to take a board with you, you can also buy a second-hand surfboard here.

Lisbon's coolest shapers

Lisbon Crooks and Surfers not only design fancy surfboards, they are also super fun. Interview follows! You can order your board online or (even better!) pick it up at the LX factory. The old factory is one of my favorite places in Lisbon, a place full of creative people, pop-up stores and cafes. Definitely worth a visit! Read more about it here the Lx Factory!



The world's best story of falling (Daniel Faßbender) tells the story of a roofer's life and takes you over the roofs of the world. A compelling story about a media science student who breaks out of his monotonous everyday life and escapes from his problems. Adrenaline clicks for in between! Maybe I should start a new hobby ??

Daniel, I'm looking forward to your second (first surf) novel!

The alchimist von Paulo CoelhoA classic and always good if you need to be remindet that you should always follow your dreams.

For the next vacation or to dream of summer on the garden lounger tomorrow:


Summer in your heart Mary Kay Andrews. Sounds cheesy, but it´s really funny. The court forces Grace to join an aggression coping group for sinking her ex-boyfriend's convertible in the pool. Have you already done something like this?

Villa Dante by Elizabeth Edmondson is a bit thicker chunk, but a dolce vita feeling included! Who will inherit the villa? Four different people travel to get their share of the legacy. But the old lady had a plan and hunted everyone for a paper pizza chace. Reminds me of my time in Genoa (no wonder, it plays nearby) when I walked through the many small streets and every time I could discover new statues or overgrown gardens.


Tell me your book & shopping tips!

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