Who writes?

“The best surfer & writer
out there are the ones having the most fun

I'm Verena, 29 years old, and almost 3 years ago, I moved from Germany to Lisbon, Portugal. After my semester abroad in 2017 in Genoa, Italy, it was clear to me: Someday, I'll live somewhere by the sea! During my Bachelor's in Linguistics and my Master's in Interdisciplinary Media Studies at the university, I discovered my passion for traveling.

Since then, I've been particularly fascinated by unusual hostels and hotels as well as surf camps, as I've always quickly met a variety of people at these places. The passion for surfing has captivated me since my first vacation in a surf camp, and after completing my surf camp guidebook, I moved to Lisbon indefinitely - and have been at home by the sea ever since!

There, I work independently as an author, freelance journalist, and translator - always on the hunt for unusual places and the stories of extraordinary people.

My most loved projects are definitely my books, and I hope they can motivate readers to break out of their routine and experience new adventures!

If everything on my travels would always go according to plan, then it wouldn't be an adventure! Sometimes the detours are what make a trip so special.

Photo project “Girls just want to have fun”: When it comes to surfing, it’s not about appearance, clothing or nationality – it’s about people and having fun in the water!