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How did this start?

When I was studying in Genova (Italy, 2017) for half a year, I traveled through the land of pasta & amore and stayed in a hostel for the first time.

I was surprised. There was no mass murderer hiding in my room, but really funny bed neighbors. I was actually able to sleep after groping to the front desk in my pajama at night and then pushing the rubber things in my ears. I had met great people and our group went on a sightseeing tour the next day. From then on I decided to only stay in hostels when I am traveling.

Do not you have friends? Organizing a trip with friends is sometimes more difficult than putting suncream on your back by yourself. Then there are exams, saving money for the next big trip with sweatheart, lack of time or a cracked jeans in between.

When I got back to Germany I decided to write a book about the coolest and most crazies hostels. I sent racing pigeons to everyone I had met before on my travels (it would be nice, but it was Instagram messages) and started searching too. I created two sample pages of the book and sent them to several publishers.

The Dumont travel publisher gave me a chance and et voilà, this book came out.

Really, it can be so easy without vitamin B.

Just try it if you have an idea in your head!

Even if the hostel is more in a rust-colored then a rosy light...

... at home you will have some stories to tell!

Things Never Said By Backpackers

If you have travelled to Australia then you know 😂

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A Potpourri

The book became a mix of cheap hostels and higher quality accommodation. Depending on your budget, you will quickly find the right accommodation, they are awarded € - €€€ .

The hotels and hostels were chosenindependently and free. It´s no payed advertisement.


Two of my favorite accommodations that unfortunately didn't make it into the book:

The Plus Florence hostel in Italy (with roof terrace and pool) & the one-room hotel Nada Nada in Portugal.

Pack your Bag & Book, let´s go!

At Thalia and many other book stores you can order my book


... support a bookstore near you and go to it by yourself!

  1. Browsing around the store is a lot more fun than yelling as at the postman.
  2. You´ll find two more books.
  3. The postman spends less time with his transporter.
  4. Your roommates are not wake up by the bell at 12 noon.
  5. You can put it away if you don't like it.
  6. Karla Paul found 99 more reasons, ninety-nine red books floating in the summer sky ... hope it stucks in your head all day.

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